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ASAMS Mill (left) and surface grinder (right)ASAMS Mill (left) and surface grinder (right) 

A big part of our company is our machine shop that produces highly accurate test samples using the most efficient practices. The team has a wealth of machining experience and knowledge and understands the best ways to extract test samples that are machined to the highest tolerances for specific testing standards. This blog will take you through the exact process of how our test samples are produced from receipt of a sample to the final machined test pieces.

When test coupons arrive at ASAMS, they are collected by one of the team and logged into the system. Any information that is required prior to “booking-in” the sample is requested from the client. Once all the relevant information has been received, the sample is then booked into ASAMS unique laboratory information management system or (LIMS) which creates all the necessary testing fields and machining requirements. All material is assigned and marked with a unique contract number which follows the material through the laboratory to maintain traceability.

One aspect that is created here is the Machining Requisition. This worksheet outlines all the required test pieces that are to be machined from the available test coupons supplied. It also defines the relevant test specifications and dimensions for each test piece along with any additional comments that are necessary to aid the machining process. A record of how much remaining material is logged by the Machine Shop team to identify any spare material that may be required in the future for further testing should it be requested by the client.

ASAMS horizontal saw capable of cutting larger itemsASAMS horizontal saw capable of cutting larger items

For any complex or unorthodox jobs, the machine shop team will advise on what the most efficient route of cutting the material is. This is all dependent on the material thickness, grade of material and any areas that are required to be preserved (mostly for failure examinations). Constant dialogue is maintained between the laboratory staff and the machine shop to ensure all important testing information is being communicated at every stage. All finished test pieces are marked with their unique identification and then updated as “machined” on ASAMS Jobs Whiteboard indicating they are ready for testing. Finished test pieces are then laid out in the Test Lab ready to be tested by the Laboratory staff to test.

For more information on how our machine shop can help you extract the best test pieces for your specific application, please contact the team at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 01493653535 for further discussion.

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