Hardness Testing

Hardness testing is the resistance of a material to permanent indentation. It is important to recognize that hardness is an empirical test and therefore hardness is not a material property.

This is because there are different hardness tests that will gain different hardness values for the same piece of material. Some conversion between hardness scales is possible dependent on scale and material.

Hardness Testing is used extensively to characterize materials and to determine if they are suitable for their intended use.

All hardness tests involve the use of a specifically shaped indenter, which is significantly harder than the sample being tested, the indenter is pressed into the surface of the sample using a specific force.

The depth or size of the indentation is measured to determine the hardness values. There are a wide range of ways to hardness test using different machines.

Below are the different types of hardness tests we are accredited for: -

  • Vickers HV5 & HV10 loads
  • Rockwell HRBW & HRC
  • Brinell HBW 3000Kg 10mm Tungsten Carbide Ball

Various hardness tests and the resultant impressions.

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