Testing Capabilities

Tensile Testing

Tensile testing from 2kN to 600kN.


12.5mm, 25mm and 50mm extensometers for use on both 300kN and 600kN tensile machines.

Charpy Impact Testing

Charpy impact testing to ASTM and ISO specifications. Both machines have 450J capacity.

Hardness Testing

A range of hardness tests are available.

Vickers Hardness Survey on Macro

Macro examination of welded samples.

Micro/Macro Preparation

Micrographic Examination

Etching and Corrosion Solutions

Corrosion Testing

Bend Testing

In-house Machine Shop

Precision Machining

Failure Investigations

ASAMS is an independent ISO 17025 UKAS accredited metals testing laboratory

ASAMS offers a wide range of testing, with all test pieces machined in-house by experienced machinists.

Testing services include tensile, hardness, and charpy impact testing. Full details of all material testing are outlined below.

The laboratory is in a purpose built, environmentally conditioned building to ensure all testing is carried out in the optimal conditions.

ASAMS have invested to ensure all equipment is up-to date and provides results of the highest reliability.

All testing is carried out by fully qualified metallurgists and  technicians,  we are happy to have testing witnessed by clients or certifying authorities as required either in person or remotely.

Our staff are happy to assist in deciding on the correct testing and the interpretation of any results.

A link to our full UKAS accreditation and certificate can be found by following the links below.

Mechanical Testing

  • Bend Testing, (ISO, ASME IX & AWS)
  • Macro Examination
  • Fracture Testing/Nick Break Testing (ISO and ASTM)

Weld Procedure and Welder Qualification Testing to ISO, ASME, AWS and Client Specifications

Non-destructive ferrite determination using a Fisher Feritscope (FMP30) can be performed by our staff or is available for hire with full training provided.


A range of metallographic tests are covered under our UKAS accreditation;

  • ASTM E562, Ferrite Determination
  • ASTM A247, Graphite Content
  • ASTM B487, Coating Thickness
  • ASTM A923 Method A, Detrimental Intermetallic Phases
  • ASTM E112, Grain Size Determination
  • DNV-RP-F112 Section 7, Austenite Spacing

Micrographic examination is carried out by our documented in-house procedure by fully trained and experienced staff.

Chemical Analysis

We are able to offer a comprehensive range of chemical analysis testing through our long standing links with UKAS accredited laboratories on a sub-contract basis. All metals can be analysed including gases if required. Fast-turnaround of services can be arranged at additional cost.

Corrosion Testing

A range of corrosion testing can be carried out in-house under our UKAS accreditation;

  • ASTM G48 Method A, Pitting Corrosion Resistance
  • ASTM A923 Method C, Pitting Corrosion Resistance
  • ASTM A262 Method A, Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack
  • ASTM A262 Method E, Susceptibility to Intergranular Attack

When required additional corrosion tests can be arranged by subcontract to other UKAS accredited laboratories.

Failure Analysis & Consultancy

Failure analysis and materials consultancy is carried out by our metallurgists and these services can be tailored to meet your specific needs. For full details please click the link below.

Reinforcing Steel Testing

A range of tests on parent material and welds reinforcing steels for concrete

Non-UKAS Testing

ASAMS offers non-destructive hardness testing using an Equotip Portable Hardness Testing. This is available to be used by our trained staff or can be hired with full training provided.

Any of ASAMS other tests can be offered without UKAS accreditation on non-standard samples or using modified test methods. These commonly include tensile or load tests and compression tests.

If you have a requirement for testing or a question about our testing capabilities, please call and our technicians will be happy to discuss this with you.

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