Large Failed Items

We are able to handle jobs of all sizes from micro assessments to large items.

Failures From Various Industries

We provide failure analysis for a wide range of materials and for a variety of industries.

Fractography Service

Examination of fracture faces available to assist in root cause analysis.

Fracture Features

Features of the fracture surface are examined.

Weld Related Failures

We have experience in examining a wide range of failures associated with welds.

Weld Defect

Macrographic examination can be used to identify larger defect in a material.

Micrographic Examination

Micrographic examination of materials is used for failure analysis and material characterisation.

Scanning Electron Microscopy

The use of a scanning electron microscope is available to assist with failure analysis.

High Magnification Examination

The scanning electron microscope allows detailed examination of the materials surface.

ASAMS is an independent ISO 17025 UKAS accredited metals testing laboratory

Failure Analysis

Our metallurgists are able to offer failure analysis and fractography services to find the cause of failures for engineering components. Using a wide range of analytical techniques, the aim is to isolate and identify the root cause of failure. Investigations may include visual and microscopic assessments, compositional analysis and hardness testing. Advanced techniques such as scanning electron microscopy and energy dispersive x-ray analysis can also be employed to aid with investigations as required.

Our metallurgists are available to visit failures on-site to advise on how to proceed with any analysis. ASAMS metallurgists are able to act as a professional expert witness in cases of dispute.

Please contact our metallurgist to discuss your particular requirements.

Materials Consultancy

ASAMS is able to advise on material selection, interpretation of test results or mechanical properties, substitution of material grades and suitable surface treatment procedures or surface coatings.

Welding Consultancy

A range of welding consultancy can be provided by ASAMS. This can either be carried out in-house or by an external consultant. Please contact our metallurgist for more details.