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ASAMS ‘switch on’ to renewable energy

Creating a strong sustainable future.

In a commitment to environmental responsibility and sustainable business practices, ASAMS proudly announce its transition to 100% renewable energy. This move demonstrates our dedication to reducing our carbon footprint and contributing to a more sustainable future.

The decision to switch to renewable energy aligns with our core values of environmental stewardship and corporate social responsibility.

ASAMS Executive Director, Andrew Page said “By making this transition, we are taking a step towards mitigating climate change and promoting a cleaner, healthier environment.”

ASAMS believe in cultivating a long-term sustainability culture and over the last 35 years have ensured adoption of best practice initiatives in sustainable metallurgy.

We believe this enables us to support clients in line with their own sustainability goals.

For further information or to discuss any aspect of our corporate social responsibility, please contact us on: 01493 653535 or visit

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