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Answering the Call: Jordan Plane, our On-Call Firefighter

Answering the Call: Jordan Plane, our On-Call Firefighter

Fire fighters day 4 May 2020

Meet Jordan, our Deputy Machine Shop Manager and an integral part of our team, whose commitment to community safety extends far beyond the confines of our workplace.  In addition to his duties at ASAMS, Jordan serves as an on-call firefighter, standing ready to respond to emergencies at a moment's notice and on standby for 120 hours per week!

Jordans dedication to protecting lives and property doesn't waiver, even as he balances the demands of his role within ASAMS and his family life at home, with a wife and two daughters.

Jordan brings the same level of professionalism, resilience and determination to his duties as Deputy Machine Shop Manager within ASAMS as he does to his responsibilities as a firefighter epitomising the spirit of service and embodying our core values both on and off the job.

ASAMS Managing Director, Thomas Whiskin, said ‘We are proud to support Jordan in his dual roles and we take pride in fostering a culture that values not only professional excellence but also community service and engagement.’

Jordan's commitment is a testament to the power of individuals to make a positive impact, both within ASAMS and in the community. Despite the unpredictable nature of emergency response, Jordan stands ready to answer the call.

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