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Casting a look at three decades of metal testing

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ASAMS is celebrating 30 years in business in 2019. As part of this, director Andrew Page looks back at three decades of metals testing.

ASAMS has always been focused on providing great service, primarily for the oil and gas industry, being formed from the purchase of the test laboratory from Oilfield Inspection Services in 1989. Over the past 30 years standards, both international and client, have undergone numerous revisions. Largely these have sought to align complimentary testing regimes however there are some areas within these standards which still cannot be reconciled.

There has been a continuous push over the last 30 years to ensure traceability and accuracy of all testing. Many invaluable practices have been taken from other testing industries, such as independent proficiency testing schemes. Proficiency testing is designed to identify inaccuracies in tests which may not be identified by the laboratory in isolation

ASAMS has developed smooth, customer-focused processes to enable high standards of accuracy in all testing. The laboratory has maintained its ISO 17025 accreditation since 1989 and has used feedback from clients and various accreditation bodies over time to drive the company’s continuous improvement strategy. ASAMS has also focused on increasing the speed of service whilst maintaining its high standards, so it can often do in two days what it takes other companies two weeks to achieve

Verification of current activity

Prior to starting any testing project, the team spend any time required clarifying the client’s exact needs to ensure valid results can be delivered first time, every time. This is why attention to detail by the whole team is critical

The experience of the company’s highly competent lab staff ensures it can assist clients with the application of various international and client specifications. It can also advise where overlaps in the required testing may result in the customer achieving time and cost savings. ASAMS’ experienced staff also enabled it to serve clients in other sectors where standards and tests can vary depending on each industry’s specific needs.

ASAMS still values using experienced manual machinists as the best way to extract test coupons, due to the variable nature of every test piece.

Examining opportunities for the future

The team is excited to be looking at the challenges and opportunities presented by automation and new technologies such as additive manufacturing.

ASAMS plans to continue investing in the latest technologies and is looking at how these can be used to improve the customer experience, such as remote witnessing.

ASAMS continually invests in recruiting, retaining and developing experienced and ambitious team members, encouraging them to use these advancing technologies and enabling them to focus on delivering accurate results in a timely manner.

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This article originally appeared in the Aberdeen & Grampian Chamber of Commerce Business Bulletin June issue.

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