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ASAMS Ltd welcomes call to boost UK metallurgy training

With qualifications in metallurgy increasingly diminishing in the UK, ASAMS Ltd supports Richard Brown of M&C Educational Training Services Ltd who discusses the current situation and how metallurgy training can be saved.

The state of metallurgy training in the UK is dire, with very few organizations providing the opportunity for approved continuing professional development training. This is even lower for part-time and employed positions in metal work, as so few institutes can progress to regulated qualifications and have their own degrees available, in collaboration with a university partner.

In recent years, metallurgists have been recruited from overseas, but this has now decreased as even these pools of opportunity have dried up.

For M&C Educational Training Services, past successes in providing qualifications have been built upon continuing academic rigour, meeting industrial sector criteria and looking for accreditation of regulated and validated qualifications to UK-Spec.

With this in mind, M&C is developing individual learning plans (ILP) that take into account the varying needs of individual students, and how they must be addressed in different ways.

But, most importantly, teaching styles, practices and tools must be broad and wide-ranging in order to suit the educational needs of the next generation and secure a strong future for UK metallurgy.

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